In 1769, Alexander Gordon moved to London and later opened his distillery in Clerkenwell, chosen for the purity of its water. Here, he developed Gordon's Special London Dry Gin. It was a gin of the highest quality, using the purest ingredients, and without any of the sugar commonly added to inferior gin to mask the rough and unbalanced spirit. In fact, Gordon's gin was distilled three times for extra dryness and purity. It was an overnight sensation.

The world's and Sri Lanka’s No.1 London Dry Gin is carefully distilled to the original secret recipe, known to only 12 people in the world. A unique blend of juniper berries, citrus and other rare herbs and spices combine to give Gordon's Gin its distinctive crisp taste and fragrant aroma. 

Gordon's use whole spices and berries (rather than cheap extracts), and mature them for 18 long months for that distinctive and sophisticated Gordon's taste. Talk to us if you would like to know about Gordon’s dry gin available in Sri Lanka.