About Us

The year 2012 marks the emergence of Luxury Brands (Pvt.) Limited, under the parent company Ceylon Beverage Holdings PLC. In a short span of five years, Luxury Brands has paved its own trail blazing path. With over ninety international alcoholic beverage brands in its portfolio, the company serves those discerning customers who seek out a more refined and dynamic taste to elevate social moments..

Luxury Brands is the sole importer, distributor and marketer in Sri Lanka for some of the most exclusive and recognizable brands in the world. Of the many feathers in the cap, one of the most prestigious is partnering with Diageo, the world’s largest alcoholic beverages producer. The lineup also includes brands by, Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, Tsingtao Brewery, responsible for brewing the world’s second fastest selling beer and Carlsberg, which among others, also produces Somersby - the fastest selling cider in the world.

These partnerships complement the offer of a wide array of beverages by Luxury Brands, ranging from Scotch Whiskey (blended and single malt), vodka, gin, rum and beer, to a more diverse and growing range of aperitifs, cider, still and sparkling wines that suit a particular palate and moments in life.

While making the more well-known brands like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys, Corona & Tsingtao, to name but a few - locally available, Luxury Brands is also making inroads into the budding wine segment. For the first time, Sri Lankans were introduced to a blue wine produced in Mediterranean Spain. Other brands on offer are sourced from different parts of the globe including the well known brand of wine ‘Gossips’ from Australia, Inbada from the sustainably grown House of Cape Classics in South Africa and the well-known Chilean brand, Long Country.

By diversifying and sourcing from different parts of the world, Luxury Brands is able to respond to different lifestyles and the astute choices in taste of Sri Lankan consumers. As the local host of an unprecedented number of world class alcoholic beverages, the staff of Luxury Brands draws motivation from these very brands to offer an unparalleled level of service in sales and distribution to all its customers.