About Us

The year 2012 marks the birth of Luxury Brands (Pvt) Ltd – a company committed to become the conduit of fine, luxurious tastes. Branching out from our parent company Ceylon Beverage Holdings PLC., and in less than eight years, we have paved our unique trailblazing path, keeping ahead of the curve to offer our discerning clients an unprecedented range of alcoholic brands.

Currently, we are the sole importer, distributor and marketer for some of the most exclusive and world-renowned brands. The range varies from Scotch Whisky (blended and single malt), vodka, gin, rum and beer, to a more diverse and growing range of aperitifs, cider, still and sparkling wines. In choosing brands and labels, we consider the chemistry between the brand and ourselves. Thereafter, each new addition is selected with care and sourced from different parts of the world, taking to account the palate and exciting new tastes being created.

Standing tall in our portfolio are Diageo, the world’s largest alcoholic beverages producer and Brown-Forman, the makers of the famed Jack Daniels range. Both bring an unparalleled level of variation to Luxury Brands. Through the independent house of Camus, we offer its range of intensely aromatic Cognacs. This includes the core range of VSOP, XO and Extra and Very Special. We also house the brands of the world’s largest brewer, AB InBev, especially the Stella-Artois, Hoegaarden the Belgian famed beers coupled with Corona.

By hosting both new world and old world wines, we offer a range of textures, aroma and flavor. Luxury Brands also tied up with Jacquart Champagne, known for its fresh yet refined style. The Champagnes on offer include the Mosaique Rosé and the Cuvee range of vintage and extra brut champagne.

With this diverse portfolio, our goal at Luxury Brands is simple: house a range of luxury brands that both redefine and reinforce unrivalled taste in alcoholic beverages and thereby, offer our customers a range of tastes that suit their specific palate and cater to those special events.

We draw motivation from these very brands - their history and the dedication towards maintaining uncompromised standards - to offer the highest standards of service to all our customers.